Water Divining

Used for thousands of years, water divining is the ancient art of discovering underground water streams or channels known as ‘aquifers’. Aquifers can flow underground for short distances or distances measured in the hundreds of kilometres.

The common ways to divine for water is by the use of divining rods or using a Y shaped stick, (fork of a branch) usually from a Hazelnut tree or a Walnut tree.

Divining occurs by ‘walking the land’ in a series of traverses and holding divining implements level and pointing forward. When approaching an underground water flow the implements will dip forward and in the case of using rods they will turn indicating direction of flow.

These aquifer flow lines can be mapped across land over considerable distances.

Indications as to the strength of the flow are received through the pull or weight of the implements as the diviner experiences it. It may be said that laws of attraction are at work here and that through the instrument, the diviner’s intuition is enhanced by this attraction.

Diviners and Dowsers use a variety of processes to determine for indications of water flow volumes, depth and water values. This is important, as many bores have been sunk at considerable cost only to find little or no water and sometimes when water flow is good it is found that the water is not drinkable. In extreme cases water has been found that cannot be used for any consumption or agricultural purposes, either because of contamination or in rare cases extremely high acidity.


In a contemporary context, dowsing is a non-scientific process. However, as it has been successfully used for thousands of years, it could be viewed as an esoteric science.

Using a Pendulum one can ‘dowse’ anything that requires an answer except, as many dowsers will attest. when it is used for selfish lower ego purpose. Whilst dowsing is very personal and it is for each one of us to discover for and in ourselves, an attempt to give an explanation as to the nature of it and therefore why it works is given here.

At a cosmic level there is no separation between any thing; all physical matter is of the same quantum particles that have connection and attraction one to the other, in whatever manifestation they behave in a given moment.

With stillness of mind and holding pure intent, one can tap into this flow of connection. It is the dowser who is the instrument, the conduit through which the tools used move in accordance with the flow of this connection. It is an intuitive process requiring a non-subjective and clear mind.

Dowsing can be used for so many things, including such examples as are illustrated here in relation to WATER.

One can dowse a map to get indications of whether underground water is available on a property and the location where it may be found. Indications as to the qualities, depth and flow rates of that water can be estimated, if flow rates are sustainable in a variety of climatic and environmental conditions and so on. These can be highly valuable considerations that can save a great deal of time and often save property owner’s large expense and loss when their investment into obtaining water has failed.

This form of map-dowsing is not a replacement for walking and divining the land. It should also be considered that many variables can come into play, some that may be known and many that may not until discovered.

Which is why it can be described as an in-exact science.

Example of Dowsing & Design Strategy

In this instance, dowsing and divining indicated that digging three metres down opened a spring flow. Soil was excavated to build a wall which created a containment dam of small size approximately 120,000lt.

This supplies water for domestic and food garden use and water is gravity fed, with no power input required. The dam refills after use to full level overnight and has continued to do so through the worst drought in living memory.

The energy value of this water is very high, measured at 130,000 BEU. (Bovis Energy Units) and has shown itself to be sustainable.

* Bovis Energy Units is a method of measuring energy developed by French physicist. Antoinne Bovis In the 1930’s.

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