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Frequently asked questions

Water divining is an ancient and often mysterious method used for thousands of years to locate water underground. For eons, gifted 'diviners' have been used to assist land owners more effectively maximise their property's water resources.

Click here to read more about this fascinating topic by 'diviner' David Byrne.

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Bore Water In Australia

As the driest continent on the planet, much of Australia relies on bore water. However, all bore water situations are unique to their environment and its source. In a natural environment the earth is the best filter of all for water, yet it cannot filter out contaminants from a highly contaminated environment, whether those contaminants are caused by natural conditions or man made causes.
Depending on the environmental differences, bore water qualities can vary dramatically from one bore to the next, so attempting to offer bore water as a blanket national or indeed, a universal sustainable water solution would be folly.

Aquifers or aquifer flow channels (underground water channels or streams) are what a bore taps into. The flow of these aquifers can change or stop altogether particularly in drying climatic conditions. Some of these flow lines have multi-year cycles that can be as long as 50/100 years. Many Australian communities have recently become very concerned as their water supplies are drying up from such sources. .

Also, many bores have been sunk that have not returned water, whilst others have returned water that is not drinkable and some that did return water dried up at a later time.

Sinking a bore can be costly. Because aquifer channels can be quite narrow, it is of paramount importance that there be strong indications that water is present precisely below the drilling point/location. For those considering such action, it is advisable to seek some guidance as to the potential qualities, depth, flow rates etc. of the water. I know of no other way to do this except through dowsing for such indications. (see water divining and dowsing for more on this subject, click here)

While some bore water can be of very high quality much of it is not, and some of it that is consumed as town water in Australia is 'sick water'. For example, most bore water I have come across whilst travelling in Central Australia I do not regard as drinkable.

Yet many Australians use Bore Water as their only source of water, while some combine Rain Water for human consumption and Bore Water for everything else.

Changing the qualities of water

It is quite possible to change unhealthy sick water into valuable high energy and healing water. However this cannot be done as is presently the case, by the addition of all kinds of harmful chemicals that 'authorities' add to water for so-called 'public health'.

Water has memory and its memory can be changed by what we do to and with it. As the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated, it can be transformed from something stale and sick into water that has high vibrational resonance. Esoteric knowledge and science is beginning to emerge that show us numerous ways in which to do this.

Water can also be used in conjunction with our intent to create self-healing from serious disease processes. Here as Eslin we have begun to explore WATER at the metaphysical level and hope to have more to offer on this subject in due course.

The Great Artesian Basin: (GAB)

This vast underground aquifer which covers much of northern and central Australia might be likened to an underground sea. It may contain fresh water that may have fallen as rain from a time long before the dinosaurs.

Access to this water is usually at a much deeper level than that from which most bore water is extracted.

The artesian basin, which was once enormous, has lost some of its water through decades of misuse. There has been concern for many years now that continued removal of water from the basin could have a catastrophic effect in the form of massive land subsidence to fill the void where once there was water. Additionally, the pressure of this water has also been reducing.

It may also be that this vast multi-million year old water has become contaminated from mining activities, I would have concern in particular with the uranium mining that loads its acid uranium contaminated wastes back down the extraction bores in places where the crust is thin and the GAB water close to it.

I have not seen any advocacy from government or the science community to use this water in dramatic drought conditions; one might wonder why.


As we're still building this site, please come back often for more FAQs. In fact, if YOU have a question regarding sustainable living, we'd love to hear from you.

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