Wwoofing at Eslin

Things you should know

By browsing through our pages about Eslin Centre you might now be interested to offer your Wwoof services to us. Firstly, though there are certain things you should be aware of.

When you come to Eslin, you step into another time and space. To gain maximum mutual benefit, for you and for us, we usually request a 14 day minimum stay period. (not including arrival & departure days) This is the least amount of time for people to get more lasting and fuller value from their experience here. For us, hosting Wwoofers requires so much of our time in so many ways that this minimum stay period enables us to keep offering this unique Wwoofing opportunity. Longer stay periods are preferred.

Eslin is a natural environment with no paved roads or paved tracks. One needs to walk lightly upon the ground underfoot and be mindful of where one is stepping as it is very easy to leave lasting damage to more sensitive areas.

The climate here is variable - it is sub-alpine and while it can be very warm, it can also turn cold at any time of the year, nights can be very cold from late March onwards so some warmer clothes are a must, as are boots or sturdy footwear, even in summer. Due to the mostly very clear atmosphere and sometimes very high UV it is easy to acquire sunburn so please ensure you have a suitable hat and have UV block out particularly if you have sensitive skin.

There are no shops to be found here, so make sure you have any essential personal items that you may require.

Many projects are under construction which include; organic intensive gardening and growing systems as well as permafood-gardens, building, rock work, metaphysical water science, landscaping, forest tracks, and many more.

Eslin, being in its formative development stages, sees us using simple processes for washing ourselves and our clothing and a composting toilet is the norm.This affords an opportunity to learn how simple it can be to keep ourselves clean which has valuable application for travellers wherever they may find themselves in the world.

Accommodation is usually in tents or a cabin at the forest edge. Wildlife is diverse and abundant and there is the possibility of snakes also. There is a small library of books available and we sometimes show interesting movies.

For those on longer stays there can be visits to Cradle Mountain or coastal towns within the region, plus other attractions.

Living life simply and sustainably is our practice while enjoying and savouring beautifully balanced nutritious foods. The foods and sharing stories around the campfire of an evening is often a highlight of the stay here at Eslin.

When you step into life here, you take the opportunity to step away from the outside world and into the stillness of self, at least this is how some others have experienced their time here. Most all remember it as a treasured experience, and some years later, still write of their memories from here.

Wwoofers best suited to coming here are those who hold to Wwoofing principles, who wish to learn, have cultural exchange and who see life as a journey.

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Getting Here - Getting Around

Eslin Centre is situated at Moina in Central North West Tasmania.

Most Wwoofers arrive in Tasmania by ferry from Melbourne. for bookings and information. TassieLink bus from ferry/Devonport will take you to Moina.

Flying into Launceston from Melbourne. Fares can be very inexpensive if booked well in advance. Virgin Blue OR Jetstar.

TassieLink bus from Launceston to Moina. (near Cradle mountain ).

In summer there is only one bus per day coming up from the coast, Launceston, Devonport, Sheffield, MOINA, Cradle Mountain or, coming from Queenstown, Cradle Mountain to the North/ Northwest Coast, ( ) so planning to get here needs to be well considered. (make sure you tell the bus driver you want to get out at Moina junction) There is a free community bus available at limited times that does visit the coastal towns of Ulverstone and Devonport and does come to MOINA, currently on Wednesdays and Fridays. Bookings are essential. From within Australia phone 1300 88 00 24.
Other inter town/city transport.

Overland Track at Cradle Mountain

Many of the Wwoofers who come here are looking to walk the famous Overland Track. Most all wwoofers who have stayed with us have been dramatically under-prepared for this adventure. David is an experienced outback journeyman, having walked many, many hundreds of kilometers in this high country and hiked the Overland Track several times. His expert knowledge enables him to give good sound advice on the journey to be undertaken.

Visit for information and bookings for the Overland. There are fees, permits and a booking required for doing the Overland Track. In order to protect the environment only a limited number of people are allowed to embark on the overland each day in summer, so be sure to make your booking early.

Please Note: Most Wwoofers do not have appropriate clothing, footwear, cooking or camping equipment including sleeping bag to undertake this journey. Those considering undertaking this journey should come well prepared. The coastal towns of Devonport, Ulverstone & Burnie have camping stores where a limited range of equipment can be purchased.

Advisory Note
We treat Wwoofers with dignity and respect at all times, we expect no less in return. We endeavour to assist our guests in all ways possible and require that they respect this environment and everything within it. Unfortunately we have had some negative wwoofing experiences, so those folk who wish to sleep till late and who do not clean up after themselves should not consider applying to come here

If you’re interested to have a Wwoof stay with us, please complete the Application Form and email to us.

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