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What other Wwoofers have said

A Wwoofing experience at Eslin

USA couple, Kyle and Emily visited Eslin for 16 days in April, 2007. Here are some of their experiences, what they did and achieved.

Rock and landscaping work

Constructing steps out of rock on a steep slope asks for endurance, creativity and much thoughtfulness from Emily and Kyle. Emily had previous experience with such challenges and was keen to undertake this task. Their endurance may have been tested at times, but their perseverance won the day! Nine days and 26 steps later, they had every reason to feel highly satisfied with their achievement.

Much landscaping was required on the new Eslin Springs water containment after the bulldozer had finished excavation. Topsoil had to be imported onto the landscaped area so that grasses could be grown. Six days of work saw this project completed. Emily sure looks happy about that!

Shrimp from the barbi with a seafood salad and mediterranean platter whilst dining alfresco would be usual in the fine dining restaurants around the world. What better environment and reward for a hard day's work! Here Kyle and Emily are feasting with David's sons Jerrard and Patrick after another hardworking day in the 'office'!

Storytime around the evening campfire is remembered by all who visit. Clear skies dotted with bzillions of stars allow for reflection on times from eons past and sharing with all who have gone before.

Some words from Kyle and Emily

David's vision of and enthusiasm for the Eslin Centre gave this wwoofing experience more than many others, a sense of purpose. There is a serenity and cool beauty to the grounds that helped me to recharge at the end of even the hardest day's work. Excellent, carefully prepared food helped in this department as well!

Our time spent was flexible and open-ended to an extent, but focused enough to feel that there was direction. David was always willing to share his knowledge of the local environment and his own sustainable growing practices. I've taken away a new perspective from my stay at Eslin and feel like my work has gone towards the creation of a space that wwoofers and many other sorts of travellers might find a worthy stop on their journey. Kyle Yandow

Wwoofing at the Eslin Centre was a very unique and satisfying experience. The property is beautiful and full of wildlife and plants for exploring. Those who want a primitive and close-to-nature wwoofing experience will love the centre. The meals were wonderful and the work was interesting and diverse. I enjoyed feeling a sense of purpose and will always remember my time there. Emily Tsitrian


What other Wwoofers say

Ulf, from Germany. "'Life’s not just physical'…..that’s it David. That was and is what I felt after many talks. That’s what you left that’s what I gonna do. I’m on my way and I’m learning……everyday…….seeing and feeling for the right decisions……even if they’re little… they’re important because I learn. I’m 24 years old and feel like I’m just about the beginning of my life. Somebody pushed 'erase' a while ago, here comes more new input….everyday. I’m happy to be alive."

Anna, from Queensland. "Thank you David for your guidance on this part of the journey. It’s been a pleasure to be part of Eslin. Much peace and light to you, with much gratitude. (from my taste buds too)"

Elevyn, from Holland. "Eslin is a special place to rest from the buzz of the other world….It’s hard to get work done as relaxation, talking and eating take a lot of time. Thank you for everything David."

Hartmut, from Germany. "A hugh thank you David. For your help, support and advice. For your 'short' stories and your great food. It’s a gift that you are running this place to give people the opportunity to think and learn about themselves and about life. For me it was a great gift. All the best and good luck for you and your plans with Eslin!! Now I can go and take a lot of really good stuff with me. Life is flowing and I’m within."

Markus, from Switzerland. "This place is really an energy place and you – David – are also full of energy – that’s why I feel I received much more than I could give: Thanks very much for everything!"

Silvia, from Italy. "A magic journey, journey of growing of experience, of "life and love" discovering myself and the world…..this place, little island floating in the universe, with lots of holes, trees….digging….and magic rainbow and auroras…..hope to leave here a lot of light and energy…..I learned a lot!!! Thank you. Love and light always with Eslin."

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