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Eslin Centre

Sitting in one of Australia’s most beautiful and famous sub-alpine, heavily forested regions in Tasmania, just 20 minutes drive from the spectacular Cradle Mountain National Park, Eslin Centre is in the formative stages of its development. Born of the vision of owner, David Byrne, Eslin is progressively becoming a model of living sustainably in harmony with Nature.

Surrounded by tree plantation, pasture-land for our Alpacas, and native forest, Eslin is home to a diversity of wildlife and unique flora. With natural crystal clear spring water, babbling brooks, mysterious fern glades and pristine moss and lichen gardens, Eslin is a natural sanctuary for those seeking solitude and a spiritual connection with Nature.

David is creating Eslin to be a highly self-sustaining holistic and productive centre and is using the land’s natural attributes to great effect. Eslin will eventually generate most of its own food from organically grown produce using composting and worm farming systems, watered from naturally occurring water sources cleverly delivered using the land’s natural contours.

Solar powered cabins are being constructed to enable low-cost, low energy accommodation choices and natural waste disposal methods are the norm.

Eslin is being constructed by David with some assistance by others, including international Wwoofing guests. If you would like to Wwoof at Eslin click on the link below.

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If you want to escape the busyness of life and experience the timelessness of Eslin, you can stay with us by clicking here.

Some of Eslin’s projects

David first commenced development of Eslin as a Sustainable Living Centre in 2003 after owning the property for the previous 13 years. Developments include;

  • 2 dams to capture natural spring water on the property which waters the living and food growing areas – constructed in 1999 and 2002
  • main Eslin Springs containment for aqua flora & fauna bio-diversity – constructed 1996, 2001-2007
  • building projects since 1997 (ongoing)
  • additional dam construction in January, 2007
  • second orchard of fruit trees, planted in 2006 (first one destroyed by wildlife!)
  • solar powered, low energy accommodation cabin built in 2006
  • track work and rock steps constructed from 2003 to 2007
  • construction of worm farm – ongoing
  • growing systems initiated in 2003 and still under construction
  • irrigation systems – initial development 1998 - mostly complete as of 2007
  • natural wildlife and pest control strategies and fencing originally built in 1996/97/98 with additions for specific projects
  • Alpacas introduced in 2008 - requiring pasture upgrading - fencing - building - ongoing project

Wwoofer Roberta & Mr. Brandi.


Staying at Eslin

Staying at Eslin Centre is an unforgettable experience in a place where time stands still.

It is an opportunity to experience the quiet of the forest and connection with Nature in the most spectacular of environs.

With our ‘back to Nature’ low energy cabin accommodation, you will not miss a TV or telephone nor the luxury of en-suite bathrooms. Our cabins are basic, but guaranteed to be warm, cosy, comfortable and private.

A community Camp Kitchen with accompanying large campfire provides all the cooking and dining facilities (bush style) you’ll need. David, when available, loves to cook up his quintessential cuisine that may be shared with guests

In summer you can stay in one of our safari tents for a more ‘outdoor’ feel.

Whatever your choice, we guarantee Eslin will offer a timeless retreat which will restore your soul and uplift your spirit.

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Wwoofing at Eslin

* Wwoof = Willing Workers on Organic Farms. These are folk, mostly young people, who hold to Wwoof principles. They trade their skills and labour for food and accommodation for the benefit of cultural exchange and learning, often in ways that are more traditional and sustainable, while being introduced to a raft of possibly new knowledge and skills.

If you’re a Wwoofer, Eslin offers a unique opportunity to be part of the development of this amazing centre. You will be enriched by the spectacular environment, the scintillating campfire conversation where much wisdom is shared and of course, the ravishing restaurant quality cuisine produced by ‘Master Chef’, David (who previously owned his own restaurant!). What better place to Wwoof!! AND it’s just 20 minutes from Cradle Mountain NP. and the Overland Track!

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To find out more, click here and go to the Wwoof page.

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