About David Byrne

David is an eco-systems specialist with over 30 years practical, ‘real-life’ rural, business and community development experience and knowledge.

He has owned several rural properties and currently manages his 150 acres of sub-alpine land in the Cradle Mountain region of Tasmania. Developments on this property which include tree farming, intensive organic horticulture and a sustainable living and learning centre are balanced with stewardship of over 50 acres of native forest.

David’s personal background includes:

David’s expertise in these areas saw him commissioned to design the vermiculture curricula for Tasmanian Secondary Schools and develop numerous community capacity building initiatives linking disadvantaged youth and sustainable agriculture.

With an intuitive approach and using a mix of ancient wisdoms, traditional and innovative methods, David can :

David is a lateral, visionary and solutions-focused thinker who combines his extensive and very diverse background with sound research to ensure creative solutions for a varied range of sustainable living and environmental issues.

David is expert in the creation of symbiotic relationships between nature's systmens and the needs of a demanding world. He can therefore offer resource-optimised eco-solutions to real land management challenges whilst preserving balance and harmony with Nature.

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